Startups are small companies that grow fast. They need the right people to grow. A website called AngelList Talent changed to to help. It connects small companies and people looking for jobs.


AngelList Talent evolved into to better cater to the needs of both job seekers and startups. This transformation has led to a vibrant platform where now a hefty number of 8 million individuals, who are keen and prepared to contribute their skills to startup environments, are available. In addition, there are 27,000 companies actively searching for new, innovative minds to join their teams on This significant change has allowed the website to sharpen its focus on fostering fruitful connections between companies and job seekers.

By doing so, it creates a win-win scenario where companies can find the right talent to drive their vision forward, while job seekers can find rewarding opportunities to showcase their abilities and grow professionally. Through this enhanced matching, is indeed carving out a conducive space for meaningful engagements between the startup ecosystem and aspiring job candidates.

What Does Do? serves as a vital bridge between individuals seeking employment and companies on the lookout for enthusiastic talent. It is meticulously designed to ease the process of job searching and hiring, creating a streamlined experience for both parties involved.

For job seekers, presents an opportunity to engage directly with the founders or hiring managers of companies. This direct communication eliminates the usual intermediaries, fostering a more personal and transparent interaction between potential employers and employees. Job seekers can learn about the company culture, expectations, and the roles available firsthand from the decision-makers, which is invaluable in making informed career decisions.

The Flip Side

On the flip side, companies, especially startups, find a treasure trove of resources on to kickstart or expand their operations. They can easily post job openings, portraying their brand in a light that attracts the right talent. The platform offers a user-friendly interface where companies can manage their job posts, track applications, and interact with candidates. The extensive pool of 8 million startup-ready candidates provides a wide spectrum of skills and expertise, ensuring that companies have a high chance of finding the perfect match for their vacancies.

Furthermore, provides a set of tools that simplify the recruitment process. Companies can set up their recruitment drive, manage their brand visibility, and access essential HR tools effortlessly. One of the standout features is the ability to keep a tab on all the applicants in an organized manner. This includes tracking the status of applications, scheduling interviews, and coordinating feedback, all within a few clicks. The platform also offers a free Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or the option to integrate an existing ATS, making it a versatile choice for managing recruitment processes.

Moreover, the platform goes the extra mile by offering a service where the top tech talents are reviewed and highlighted to recruiters twice a week, ensuring that recruiters don’t miss out on potential game-changing hires.

In essence, has meticulously crafted a space where the interests of job seekers and companies align, making the journey of job hunting and talent acquisition less daunting and more rewarding for everyone involved.


How Does Help Startups? is like a big playground where startups, which are small, young companies with big dreams, get to meet lots of smart and creative people who are excited to work and help these companies grow. It’s like setting up a playdate for companies and workers, but instead of playing, they work together to build cool and useful things that many people can enjoy.

Now, imagine you are planning a big and fun project, say, building a sandcastle village. But, oh no! You only have a few friends to help, and you need more hands on deck. is like that friend who says, “Hey, I know more friends who would love to help!” And just like that, you have a bigger team ready to create an amazing sandcastle village.

Startups face a similar challenge. They have fantastic ideas but need more smart and enthusiastic people to turn those ideas into reality. helps them find these great people easily. It’s like a magic portal where startups go in with a “Help Wanted” sign and come out with a team of super helpers.

WellFound, AngelList & Best Startups

Some pretty big and popular companies, like Peleton, which makes exercise fun with cool bikes, and Roblox, where you can play and create endless games, found their super helpers on This shows that with the right team, startups can grow from small ideas into big, fun, and helpful creations that everyone loves.

So, is not just a website; it’s a dream-grower for startups. It helps them find the right buddies to work with, making sure they’re all set to create amazing things. And when startups and workers find their perfect match, they create new and exciting things that make the world a more enjoyable place for all of us.

In a nutshell, is like a super-helper for startups, making their journey from tiny ideas to big success a lot smoother and more fun.


Conclusion:, which was once AngelList Talent, is now a big help to small companies and job seekers. By making it easy to find jobs and hire people, is helping create a lot of new and cool things in the world of startups.


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