The digital world has grown tremendously in recent years, and so has our way of communicating. Where in the past we could only communicate physically with each other, the advent of cell phones suddenly made it a lot easier.

In 2022 communication is possible in all sorts of ways. Think, for example, of WhatsApp messages, Microsoft teams meetings, or FaceTime calls. This blog takes you through the most important developments surrounding online communication.


Electrical communication

One of the most important developments around communication is an electronic communication. Electronic communication is, of course, just “communicating,” but without human intervention. Computers create messages and process them automatically. This must be done by computers that do not know each other because they use different types of software. Electronic communication involves the use of structured and standardized messages. This is also known as Edifact.


More Artificial Intelligence is marketing.

Marketing automation segments more and more markets and gets more access to back-end data. Marketing automation collects data and rolls it out via email or, for example, a website. With the rise of IoT (the internet of things), companies map the customer journey with more consistency.


Interactive brand experience

Brand experience has never been more critical. We are getting used to all the developments and expect more and more from companies. This is where brand experience comes in handy. This can also be seen in the rise of Facebook spaces and augmented reality at Apple. Virtual reality and augmented reality offer new ways to communicate. Brands, products, and services become tangible, and the target audience is more likely to build a personal connection with the brand.


Growth of chatbots

A chatbot is a form of communication that has become increasingly common in recent years. Customers are demanding more and more and therefore want quick responses. Of course, it is challenging for organizations to respond to everyone, which is why chatbots have entered the world. Of course, chatbots have been around for years, but thanks to the growth of digitalization, chatbots have also been optimized. Chatbots now also apply personalization and deliver an optimal customer experience.


Hey Siri!

More and more search queries are being voiced instead of using the keyboard. This is also called the personal assistant. Think, for example, of the Google home assistant, which allows you to control the electronics in your home by voice. Want to look something up on your iPhone? Shout: ”Hey Siri” and speak. Therefore, it is also essential for marketers to keep voice recognition in mind while creating content and ads.


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