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Which is the most important element for startup? YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.

Each and every business is (or it should be) based on an unique business plan. But what if you just want to put in practice your startup idea, without any experience?

This is what Cauzly and many other startup blogs do: Providing help for fresh entrepreneurs from around the World, with practical piece of advice. The lack of experience is not an issue when you start a business, and the wiling to learn new thinking patterns will definitely help you in the future.

This is the first and the most important question: Why do you want to start this kind of Business?

It will be something like a hobby? Do you have any experience in that particular niche? Do you like the potential revenue this new business could bring? Do you want to be your own boss?

Starting a new business is not an easy thing to do. OK, you have the Idea, but now what? How do you plan to “move the things” in your advantage? You will need a bag of $$$ to do this. So, think about how you will split your money between the personal spending and business investment.

If you don’t own any capital, you can borrow from your family. Luckly, if your family cannot support you with money, there are many startup programs around the World, so after all, it’s not an impossible thing to gain some capital. You just need the Idea and a well-written business plan.

OK, you already have the Idea and the Investment Capital. But do you know how to run this kind of business? Do you know the inside tips and tricks? Do you have, in one term, the so called “Experience”? It’s OK: No one have enough experience at the beginning of business. But you will gain it in time (doing mistakes, of course – hopefully, little mistakes). The short path for gaining the Experience could be a mix between solving your own mistakes and learning from the others.

Business is Risk, no matter how good your business plan is. See Hospitality Industry&COVID-19, and it is just an example. No matter how good the services was, the hotels around the World were closed.

Keep in mind that your Business may fail with or without your fault. It’s not about the money you will lose – The time you’ll invest in your startup is more precious, and it may lost.

So, before doing the next step, ask yourself: If your startup will fail, will you regret it?

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